About Us

After working for some of the finest Northwest landscape contractors, owner Nick Noren started Mill Creek Landscapes. He had one goal in mind, to provide the highest quality product and service at an honest price.  We maintain a very hands approach not only with the projects, but also with all of our clients. Spending time to develop your property to its high potential while achieving the best possible outdoor living space.  Innovative ideas, highest quality materials, excellent craftsmanship that is why our company has enjoyed a healthy growth year after year.  It is a labor of love. We take pride in being a professional company, a company you can be proud to have at your home.

We do not take our responsibility of the earth's stewardship lightly.  We know our craft has immediate impact and responsibility with the outdoor living spaces we create and maintain.  However, the true test is for future generations to come.  When creating a project we use only the finest sustainable products, work methods and services available.  Create an environmentally friendly space for immediate and future enjoyment.  Our goal is to truly leave this earth better than the way we found it-one job at a time.

Mill Creek Landscapes is licensed, bonded and insured. We take great pride and care of all our clients’ properties.

"Providing full service, Mill Creek Landscapes specializes in designing, building and maintaining outdoor living spaces for the quality conscious property owner"